Syntegon Technology A/S (formerly Moeller & Devicon) was founded 1962 in Sandved and it is specialized in designing and manufacturing machines for the pharmaceutical and the Medtec industry all over the world.

Syntegon location

The portfolio of Syntegon Technology A/S contains single machines and complete lines. This covers the entire process chain in Assembly, Handling and Label&Pack. In addition Syntegon Technology A/S offers documentation and services for the qualification of machinery, validation of processes and training of operators.

Syntegon Technology A/S

Address Vallensbaek:
Vallensbaekvej 63,
DK-2625 Vallensbaek

Phone: +45 55 462 400

Address Sandved:
Elmevej 9
DK-4262 Sandved

Phone: +45 55 462 400
Fax: +45 55 452 021

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