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22.02.2021 I News

Paper Packaging

HowTo | Initial plunge towards sustainable packaging

Creating sustainable packaging solutions for confectionery goods

  • Cold seal application for chocolate & bars

  • Gentle paper handling

  • Easy and efficient recycling

Syntegon Technology and paper supplier Sappi are joining forces for sustainable solutions in the confectionery industry 

The pressure on brand manufacturers and thus on the packaging industry from consumers, retail and legislators to offer environmentally friendly materials and processes is very high. Companies’ own aspirations to implement sustainable solutions are also growing rapidly.

To offer reliable and sustainable paper-based packaging solutions to predominantly large and medium-sized customers in the confectionery industry, the innovation leaders Sappi Europe and Syntegon Technology have entered into a strategic partnership. While Syntegon typically operates independently of packaging material and Sappi independently of packaging machines, their combined expertise now comes to the benefit of customers.

  • Synergies for greater sustainability in the packaging of branded goods
  • Guaranteed product safety for confectionery goods
  • Conversion of packaging machines

What are the necessary steps on the journey to recyclable packaging? See how Charlotte and Ben took the plunge to a more sustainable business model:


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