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ADCs & state-of-the-art fill-finish technology (for high potent drugs)

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These days people are talking a lot about cell/gene therapy drugs, clinical trials, monoclonal antibodies and other exciting topics around small batch fill-finish solutions. Syntegon provides robust and sustainable solutions at an affordable price for every business size. There are solutions for clinical trials, small batch applications, and higher output rates.

There´s a growing demand for small batch production for ADC products (Antibody Drug Conjugates). The operator safety and the best possible protection for these types of drugs is crucial. Syntegon’s approach is to eliminate process risks and reduce human interventions by line-design. Typical batch size is 300 – 30,000 containers by a machine output rate of typically 20 – 80 containers per minute. There is an increase of single-use equipment and all types of pre-sterilized containers (RTU). Peristaltic pumps and single-use rolling diaphragm pumps are often the selected filling pumps for ADCs, especially for low viscous products. Higher viscous products need rotary piston pumps as the preferred filling solution. Syntegon’s modular approach is to combine different types of containers and filling solutions to be perfectly prepared for the demands of the future.

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Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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