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Capsylon Capsule Fillers: The Benchmark for Cost-Effective Capsule Filling

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For decades, Syntegon Pharma Technology has set the standard in capsule filling technology for the Pharmaceutical industry. Pharma manufacturing experts seeking innovation, durability and maximum filling flexibility have intuitively turned to the Syntegon line of GKF capsule fillers. With a variety of filling options including powder-fill, pellet-fill, tablets-in-capsule, or any variety of filling combinations, the GKF line of capsule fillers can tackle any capsule filling challenge thrown at them.

But, what if your capsule filling needs are more simple? What if all you want to do is fill powder, pellets or granules into capsules, reliably, and with maximum throughput? Then the Capsylon line of capsule fillers is for you. Launched in 2010, Syntegon’s Capsylon line of capsule fillers quickly became the go-to solution for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical companies – as well as contract manufacturers (CMOs) supporting both industries – who are looking for Syntegon quality in a cost-effective unit. In fact, in just over 10 years, well over 300 Capsylon capsule fillers have been sold, with more than 65 being sold in 2020 alone.

Built on the foundations of the robust GKF series of capsule fillers, the Capsylon series is currently available as the GKF 705 (42,000 caps/hour), the GKF 1505 (92,000 caps/hour) and the GKF 3005 (175,000 caps/hour). Capable of handling a wide variety of challenging products, Capsylon capsule fillers run cleaner and produce greater product yields with Syntegon’s patented slide gate technology. This means that you can experience the durability that results in minimal downtime, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from maximum product preservation. Further, when it is time for the inevitable product changeover, you will find Capsylons easy to clean, as well as quick and simple to set up, getting you up and running again with minimal downtime.

Capsylon capsule fillers offer the durability and innovation in capsule filling that you have come to expect from Syntegon. Visit our product page to learn more about Capsylon capsule fillers.

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