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Syntegon at Crailsheim: Fresh crop of trainees off to a good start in 2023

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  • Twelve apprentices started their training at Syntegon in Crailsheim on September 1
  • Company fills all apprenticeship slots in mechatronics, industrial mechanics, and technical product design
  • Further apprenticeships and dual work/study programs planned for next year
  • Trainees appreciate the hands-on focus and supportive environment

Crailsheim, September 5, 2023. Twelve apprentices embarked on their first year of training on September 1 at Syntegon in Crailsheim. Apprenticeships at this pharmaceutical plant engineering site run for around three-and-a-half years. Trainees who excel can shave time off the program to complete it in just three years. “This year, we managed to fill even more apprenticeship slots than we had originally set out to offer. We need bright minds and young talent at the company and are delighted to welcome on board one prospective technical product designer, five fledgling mechatronics technicians, and six budding industrial mechanics,” says Laura Straub, the HR manager at Syntegon in Crailsheim responsible for vocational training.


Syntegon offers apprenticeships in various technical and commercial professions across Germany. The Crailsheim site currently has 40 apprentices enrolled in technical vocational training programs. They are part of the company’s internal staffing drive, which goes to meet its great demand for qualified employees. Straub says that this is why the company will yet again offer apprenticeship slots in industrial mechanics, mechatronics, and technical product design next year. It is also going to pursue a dual work/study program in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mosbach.


Targeted training for specialists

Syntegon is taking action to meet the increasingly challenging demands of mechanical engineering. Modern systems combine mechanical and electronic components with programmable controls. It takes trained personnel to deal with these sophisticated machines. A solid but challenging training program centered on state-of-the-art technology awaits the twelve newcomers at Crailsheim. The agenda calls for extensive basic training to cover all areas. Syntegon also puts a premium on practical experience. For some trainees, this marks the start of their careers. Others joining the company have previous experience. But to complete this training, all will have to show a great deal of initiative from day one – and that includes contributing to actual customer projects. As a bit of an incentive at the start of the apprenticeship, the company gives every newcomer a tablet computer.


According to Ann-Kathrin Baumann, HR manager at Crailsheim, working together on an equal footing from day one is a cornerstone of the company’s work culture: “Syntegon is all about open and fair communication – with our customers and with one another. The same goes for our trainees. As fully-fledged coworkers, they contribute significantly to our company’s success right from the start.” This approach is paying dividends: Ten of the 13 trainees in this year's graduating class performed so well that they were able to shave time off their training and complete the program in just three years. This sends a clear message in praise of the work culture and training at Syntegon.


Bright post-training career prospects
Crailsheim offers secure jobs to apprentices who complete the program. Laura Straub says, “We are proud to say that we take on more than 90 percent of our apprentices because of their performance. Although some choose to continue their education, we still have great options to offer them such as part-time work while our assembly technicians undergo training. The company also covers some of the costs.”


members of the Syntegon

New trainees are fully-fledged members of the Syntegon team from day one.


Focus on team spirit

Syntegon is keen to integrate newcomers into the team from the moment they join the company. This is why the first few days focus on team-building alongside conveying technical fundamentals, familiarizing newcomers with the company, and settling them in to the new environment. The company’s on-boarding program has a lot to offer junior staff: The one-week team-building seminar in Schwangau in the Allgäu region is certainly a highlight. This is where newcomers get to know and understand one another and themselves better amid a mountainous landscape that sets the stage for fun, games, plenty of exercise, and lots of fresh air.


Next comes the first work experience on site with the plants’ workforce. “We support young people on their quest to become team players who perform well and act responsibly in the company’s best business interests. To this end, we convey future-focused, practical-minded technical knowledge and promote creativity, flexibility, and mobility," says training manager Bernd Schüler.

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