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Syntegon at Beringen: Fresh crop of trainees off to a good start in 2023

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  • Twenty fledgling apprentices embarked on training at Syntegon in Beringen in August
  • Company collaborates closely with the Wibilea AG training center at Neuhausen
  • Intensive introductory days hone social and professional skills

Beringen, September 5, 2023. Twenty trainees took up vocational apprenticeships at Syntegon in Beringen in August of 2023.

Fourteen boys and six girls are pursuing three- and four-year programs to earn qualifications as automation, polymechanics and media technicians, logistics and IT specialists, design engineers, and business administrators. Upon completing two years of basic training covering a wide range of tasks, these apprentices will apply their newly gained skills at the Beringen training company. In this hands-on phase, they will be treated as fully-fledged coworkers from day one. Syntegon focuses on producing packaging machines for the food industry at this site.


Basic training and team spirit at Wibilea

An intensive induction took place at Wibilea AG in Neuhausen in the run-up to the first working day on August 15. Wibilea has been helping Syntegon meet its basic training needs for years now. Team spirit was on the top of this initial gathering’s agenda: Trainees had much to look forward to during the introductory days at Wibilea AG – for one, a great opportunity to get to know one another. A forest warden took the apprentices out to experience forestry operations first hand, renovate a hunting lodge, and take part in the Actionbound challenge, where they made their way through various stations to accomplish tasks. The aspiring professionals also engaged in get-to-know-you games, enjoyed communal lunches, and shared their thoughts about the years of training ahead. And they toured the Wibilea site, where they are to complete their basic training ranging from six months to two years.


Esprit de corps at Syntegon

Syntegon cultivates a modern work and training culture at all its sites, including Beringen. The company offers flexible working hours, appropriate performance-based pay, and additional vacation days to junior employees. Syntegon at Beringen values team spirit, as the many events staged for the entire workforce go to show. The company hosts a big summer soirée for staff. At the tail end of the year, it invites the workforce to a Christmas aperitif for people from the various department to mingle and share stories in a casual setting. Syntegon also organizes an annual field trip for its apprentices. In April 2023, for example, 56 trainees in various training years visited the SRF studio in Zurich.


Quality training with a smart concept

Syntegon is one of the largest training companies in the Schaffhausen region with nearly 70 apprentices. The site has a clear concept to ensure all apprentices get the supervision they need from some 35 vocational trainers tasked to convey the requisite technical skills. The practical phase goes to provide the foundation on which all young professionals can build their future careers. Our dedicated vocational trainers tap trainees’ full potential, teaching them all the skills they need to succeed as a specialist in working life and to get off to a great start in the professional world", says Jessica Ierace, who manages vocational training at Syntegon in Beringen.


The company also offers a pathway for apprentices to earn Matura credentials while on the job. “We value the quality of our training above all else. And we guarantee this quality by creating an exciting working environment, cultivating an international outlook at our company, and providing prominent supervision and support during basic training and the practical phase. Every year we train highly qualified specialists. They are the future of our company,” says the HR manager.


Twenty apprentices started their careers at Syntegon in Beringen.

Twenty apprentices started their careers at Syntegon in Beringen.


Successfully completed apprenticeships

Beringen already had cause to celebrate back in July when trainees in various vocations passed their final exams. According to Ierace, this was a success for both the apprentices and the company: “Our graduates this year stood out for their strong performance. Two candidates even received top marks. What’s more, this was a very diverse group and it is nice to see the different paths learners are taking."

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