AIM 3000 Series

The Automatic inspection machines of our Syntegon AIM 3000 series utilizes high resolution CMOS cameras with high speed interfaces to detect particles and cosmetic container defects in ampoules and vials on a single inspection table. Innovative design combining LED reflection and transmission lights enables best-in-class double check detection of opaque, transparent and reflective particles.

The optional module for 100% container closure integrity testing using the proven high voltage technology additionally allows reliable detection of container closure defects.


  • Camera-based visual inspection
  • Optional combination with high voltage leak detection (HVLD) module

Additional options

  • Additional reject trays
  • Configurable reject outlets
  • Upstream link
  • Downstream link
  • Validation package
  • Machine and vision training


  • Innovative technology for accurate inspection results
  • Combined machine platform for lower foot print: Possibility to integrate High Voltage Leak Detection Module
  • High production efficiency: Output up to 24,000 containers per hour at minimized false reject rate
  • Built-in re-inspection function for higher machine efficiency and ease of operation
  • Wide range of features and user-friendly operation
  • Intuitive recipe development directly via HMI
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
    Machine capacity up to 24,000 containers/hour
    Container type Vials, Ampoules
    Max. body diameter 32-52 mm (2-step-mode)
    Max. container height 130 mm
    Ambient temperature +15 °C / +25 °C (59°F / 77°F)
    Relative humidity 0–75% RH and no condensation
    Particle inspection Double check using high resolution CMOS cameras with high speed interface
    Cosmetic defects Ampoules: tip shape, height OPC point/cut ring, color ring, color ring, black spot, body, fill level, relative turbidity, non-moving particlesVials: flip-off/cap color, stopper, crimp, body, fill level, relative turbidity, non-moving particles
    High Voltage Leak Detection Optional Integrated module using Syntegon 4-channel module.

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples

    Moving particle inspection

    • High resolution camera with high speed interfaces for particle inspection
    • Combination of different lights enables best-in-class double check detection of all particles
    • Precise product conditioning

    Cosmetic inspection

    • Especially designed optics and LED lightning enable integration of several inspections into the same station
    • Use of high resolution CMOS cameras with high speed interfaces enables accurate inspection of non-moving particles and cosmetic defects

    Container Closure Integrity (CCI) Testing

    • Measurement using electrodes below container for high measurement sensitivity even for products with low conductivity and minimal content
    • 360° spinning and right transport angle ensure homogeneous wetting of the whole inner surface
    • Sigma tracking makes definition of measurement limits extremely user friendly and also reacts automatically to changed production conditions such as glass quality and air humidity
    • With auto adjust, the optimal test voltage and resulting currents can be determined quickly, easily and in a traceable way.
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