HTG / HBG / SinglePot

The Hüttlin High-shear mixer technology is availabe as HTG (Hüttlin Top-Drive Granulator) or HBG (Hüttlin Bottom-Drive Granulator) up to batches of 720 kg at a density of 0.5 kg/l.

The innovative Gentlewing agitator offers excellent mixing and granulation properties and the flexibility to use 20%-80% of the gross volume with minimized residues at the same time. Based on equal bowl and Gentlewing dimensions, there is no process difference between the top and bottom drive version.

The product line is available in sizes from 150 to 1800 litres bowl volume. It s designed to operate as stand alone high-shear mixer, or in line with a HD/HDG/HDGC fluid bed. For special requirements e.g. effervescent single customized pot versions with vacuum drying or solvent recovery are available. The HTG/HBG is designed for customized containment upgrades to handle high potent APIs.



  • high flexibility, usable volume 20%-80%
  • high yield without manual scraping

Design features

  • integrated vacuum system for charging
  • metal filter with UltraClean option
  • purged sealing system for agitator and chopper
  • safe product transfer avoids mill blockage
  • Optionally with conventional tree-blade impeller

Single Pot version

  • Smart flow
  • Heated bowl, Shaft, and filter
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data:
      150 300 400 600 800 1200
    Total volume (litres) 150 300 400 600 800 1200
    Lenght L(up to wall ; mm) 900 1100 1150 1300 1450 1950
    Width W (inside pharma room;  mm) 900 1100 1150 1300 1450 1600
    Height H (mm)* 3100 3250 3400 3400 4200 4200
      300 400 600 800 1200 1800
    Total volume (litres) 300 400 600 800 1200 1800
    Length L (up to wall; mm) 2100 2120 2250 2600 3500 3700
    Width W (mm) 1120 1150 1270 1270 1480 1800
    Height H (mm)* 3100 3200 3500 3600 4050 4200

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples


    • Maximum mixing quality with minimum mechanical stress on the product
    • Minimum wall caking due to very close clearances between the product vessel and Gentlewing
    • Excellent discharge due to Z-design of the Gentlewing impeller
    • Eff ective drying without tilting or microwave technology


    • Highly effi cient gas distribution over 360° for considerably higher drying homogeneity
    • Shorter drying times due to continuous, eff ective strip gas feeding

    Discharge valve

    • The discharge valve design enables uninterrupted discharge, as the discharge velocity is not
    • controlled by means of the valve opening, but by extremely low impeller speed


    • The first CIP concept, which signifi cantly reduces cleaning times and ensures highest cleaning quality

    Success Story:

    Higher safety for veterinary medicine page 18-19

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