Syntegon OSD Customer Center in Waiblingen is equipped with meeting rooms, a training center with process equipment on site and a powder lab for analyses.

OSD Customer Centers

Syntegon possesses four fully equipped Customer Centers in Schopfheim (DE), Waiblingen (DE), Hangzhou (CN) and Minneapolis (USA) as well as network of partner labs around the world. The Customer Centers answer several customer needs, e.g. for the formulation, development and production of their oral solid dosage (OSD) forms.


Locations – Syntegon OSD Customer Centers & Partners

Syntegon possesses three fully equipped Customer Centers and a network of partner labs around the world
  • OSD Customer Center, Minneapolis
    OSD Customer Center Minneapolis

    OSD Customer Center, Minneapolis

    Process & new technologies, focus on oral solid dose processes, granulation, coating, tableting, encapsulation

    • One showroom (approx. 75 m2), lab space (approx. 60 m2), and utility & material storage space
    • Solidlab 2 fluid bed module
    • Solidlab 2 tablet coating module (to be delivered Jan 2022)
    • Flexitab tablet press (to be delivered Jan/Feb 2022)
    • Mycromix (planned, but not ordered)
    • Capsylon 705
  • OSD Customer Center, Schopfheim
    Syntegon Huettlin Customer Center with Xelum for Continuous Manufacturing

    OSD Customer Center, Schopfheim

    Process & new technologies, focus on granulation, pellet coating, continuous granulation, compression and tablet coating

    • Lab area 500 m² with harmonized range of equipment for the development and production of both aqueous and organic solvents based products
    • Customer support by senior pharmacists
    • R&D and production equipment, for batches from 50 g to 240 kg from powder to coated tablet
    • Continuous manufacturing equipment, suitable for products from powder to tablet up to 30 kg/h
    • Analytical equipment
  • OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen
    Syntegon OSD Customer Center Waiblingen cleanroom equipped with GKF 720 HiProTect capsule filling machine.

    OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen

    Process & new technologies, focus on tableting and encapsulation

    • Customer meeting rooms & training center
    • Eight fully equipped cleanrooms
    • New generation of machines and features for testing, feasibility studies and project surveys
    • Controlled environmental conditions (production conditions)
    • Handling of formulations with high potency (up to OEB5)
    • Analytical equipment


  • OSD Customer Center, Hangzhou
    Syntegon OSD Customer Center in Hangzhou, with pharmacist in the laboratory

    OSD Customer Center, Hangzhou

    Process & product transfer, focus on OSD process technologies

    • 500 m² lab area
    • 3 separate testing rooms
    • State-of-the-art Syntegon OSD testing solutions
    • Advanced IPC instruments
  • Leading-edge facilities for optimal solutions

    In our OSD Customer Centers in Schopfheim and Waiblingen, Germany and in Hangzhou, China, all process steps are simply and conveniently run through: from the production of solid dosage forms to test series for new or further development of your products. The laboratories are equipped for all process steps – including mixing, granulating, drying, tablet pressing and coating, as well as pellets manufacturing and filling of capsules.

  • Customer trials and rental machines

    Using the extended capabilities of our OSD Customer Centers we provide customers hands-on assistance at any step of its product life-cycle state. These could be complete solutions as well as the improvement of special part aspects. Our customers appreciate the freedom to choose whether the trials are processed by Syntegon pharmacists or by themselves, using the entire infrastructure of the OSD Customer Centers.

    Globally, we collaborate with partner laboratories, for you to carry out fundamental feasibility studies.

Dr. Thomas Brinz, Head of Department Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen

Dr. Thomas Brinz

Head of Department
Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Waiblingen
Phone: +49 7151 14-2160


Dr. Marcus Knöll

Head of Department
Pharma Services & OSD Customer Center, Schopfheim
Phone: +49 7622 6884-121


Dr. Marcus Knoell, Head of Department Pharma Services & Customer Center, Schopfheim