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Syntegon Technology: The Capsule Filling Experts

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Syntegon Technology may not be a household name to many people, but if you have worked in oral solid dosage manufacturing for any length of time, you are likely very familiar with our capsule filling machines. That’s because just over one year ago Bosch Packaging Technology, a name synonymous with capsule filling, became Syntegon Technology, a fully independent provider of processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. And in our first year as an independent company Syntegon has continued a long standing company tradition of quality and innovation across all product lines, including our GKF line of capsule fillers which has set the industry standard for over five decades.

Though 2020 was a challenging year in many ways, Syntegon’s first year as an independent company could hardly have been better, with the company breaking records for sales of solid dosage equipment, including orders for a record sixty-five capsule fillers in the United States alone. As might be expected in a world concerned with the spread of COVID-19, many people turned to supplements and OTC products. As a result, nutraceutical manufacturers have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for their products. To meet this demand, long-time Syntegon customers and new customers alike turned to the robust and proven Capsylon line of capsule fillers.

The Capsylon line of capsule fillers represents an excellent cost-performance ratio built upon the long proven GKF machine platform. From the GKF 705 (42,000 capsules/hour) to the GKF 3005 (175,000 capsules/hour), there is a Capsylon capsule filler for all production needs. These rugged machines were designed to endure the punishment of 24/7 pharmaceutical or nutraceutical operation, processing powders, pellets or granules. In addition, Syntegon’s patented slide gate technology makes it possible to tackle the most problematic formulations, such as abrasive, fluffy or fibrous materials. And when a production run is complete, you will find that Capsylons offer features that make cleaning and changeover simple and quick.

But, perhaps you have a need to process a wider variety of products, such as tablets in capsules, liquid in capsules or highly potent drugs. Then the standard GKF lineup is just what you need. From the all new GKF 60 R&D model (available in 2021) to the GKF 2600, the full spectrum of product development and commercial manufacturing can be managed by this lineup of capsule fillers. For maximum versatility our servo-driven machines such as the GKF 720 and GKF 2600 offer the greatest flexibility. The innovative GKF 720 features plug-and-play dosing modules, allowing you to seamlessly change from one type of dosing station to another in just minutes. And the servo-based design of the larger GKF 2600 allows you to select from a variety of innovative process monitoring options such as our gravimetric In-Process-Control system (IPC) or Net Weight Detection System (NWDS), as well as multiple fill options.

If it is potent containment you need, the ProTect (OEB 4) and HiProTect (OEB 5) capsule fillers fit the bill. The GKF 720 ProTect and HiProTect, GKF 2600 ProTect and GKF 1700 HiProTect filling machines protect both your product and your personnel with advanced containment and cleaning features.

Or maybe you have a need for liquid in capsules. If so, our full lineup of liquid capsule fillers can take on any challenge with throughputs as high as 180,000 capsules/hour. Our servo-driven dosing system and two heating zones provide especially accurate fill of capsules, and our “no-cap no-fill” feature means you waste less product and your machine stays cleaner during operation.

The full lineup of GKF capsule fillers and GKF Capsylon capsule fillers covers all industries and processing needs. Visit our product page to learn more about the full line of Syntegon capsule fillers.

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Interested in processing & packaging solutions?

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