Get exciting insights into the unique challenges of cookie, biscuit and cracker packaging

Cookies, biscuits, cracker and the like are a delight for consumers around the world – and a challenge for manufacturers everywhere. Offering different shapes and sizes no longer suffices in the battle to win over ever more demanding clientele. Instead, baked goods producers have to keep an eye on various market and consumption tendencies. Taking these trends seriously and adjusting product portfolios and equipment accordingly is key to sustained economic success – and securing a strong foothold in a market that hardly ever stands still.

The whitepaper provides

  • trends based on in-depth analysis of the markets drivers and corresponding requirements
  • successfull customer case studies from around the globe
  • manufacturers respond to the markets challenges in different production environments with a focus von handling and infeed technology

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Knowing each other’s business for more than 25 years is a great advantage and translates into an open and trustful business and personal relationship.

Sir Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Thomas Tunnock Ltd.

Team Tunnocks

(L-R) Stuart Loudan & Sir Boyd Tunnock

Thomas Tunnock Ltd.

We highly appreciate that Syntegon is represented locally by a team of specialists. For us, this is definitely a major advantage. Production is now in the safe hands of Syntegon service technicians and two experts, who have been trained on this specific system and its technologies.

Hector Laing, Manager of the gluten free factory at Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd.


(L-R) Hector Laing, Brian Douglas

Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd.

Besides being able to rely on cutting edge technology, we are also very happy with the relationship with Syntegon and enjoy having a strong partner at our side.

Delroy M. Walsh, Operations Manager at Wibisco


Delroy M. Walsh