CPS 0600

The CPS 0600 is a bottle labelling machine with the possibility to serialize the label on the bottle as well as print a helper code on the bottom or top of the bottle. The machine can be connected to Level 3 systems to receive the serial numbers via XML interface.  Also the CPS 0600 has an build-in serialization generator to create serial numbers by its own.

The process of the CPS 0600 is as follows:

The bottles will be separated on the infeed via a scroll. Each label will be printed with a serial number and human readable text. A camera system verifies the print on the label according to actual ISO norms. By spending the label on the bottle a virtual shift register is created and the bottle is tracked through the machine. In addition it is possible to pint a so called helper code on the bottom or top of the bottle. With this helper code, which will be linked to the serial no of the label, it is possible to aggregate the serialized bottle into a serialized shipper automatically or by an manual operation.

A detailed video about the process you will find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6dp7_MQDiY&t=13s

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