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Hot WFI storage and distribution is now a standard option

Hot WFI storage and distribution is now a standard option for our Pharmatec flagship model MWFI membrane-based “cold” WFI generation system. Syntegon is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of this system configuration at a major, global vaccine manufacturer.

This innovative approach is enabling customers preferring or requiring hot WFI storage to realize significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX. The smaller footprint makes it a convenient, affordable drop-in option for existing facility upgrades and new facilities alike. The energy savings from reduced or altogether eliminated cold water and heating steam consumption make it a highly sustainable solution.

Turning to hot storage to avoid needing to treat with ozone – ozone remains problematic to handle and difficult to measure accurately in solution – no longer means bigger, more expensive, and energy-hungry generation systems. With the hot WFI storage option now standard for the MWFI, customers need not compromise.

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