PreMaster Program

Our PreMaster program enables you to take your first step into the world of work after successfully completing your Bachelor's degree to gain important practical experience for your master's degree and your professional future. 

The PreMaster Program is divided into two phases: the company phase and the subsequent master phase. During the company phase (6-12 months) you will learn about theory and practice in an entrepreneurial context. Working alongside your professional advisor, you will gain an insight into your chosen career path and, depending on your interests, you can spend a short period of time in another department. The main goal is to prepare you for a potential career start with us and to provide you with the necessary practical experience before your master's degree. During your company phase you have the opportunity to accompany and/or lead (partial) projects – all of course in consultation with your professional supervisor. 

In addition, you will get a mentor at your side. Your mentor has already gained some work experience and can help you with choosing the right career path for you and giving you ideas for the choice of your Master's degree.

During the second (master) phase at a college or university of your choice, you can stay with us as a working student. Of course, only if the lecture plan allows it, the business demand allows it and you want to do so. 

This program often paves the way for a direct entry to Syntegon after finishing the studies!

Together we will master every new challenge. Are you ready?

I associate Syntegon with dynamics, cooperation and development. With the PreMaster Program, Syntegon offers a challenging and supportive program in a good learning environment.

Jacqueline Freudenreich

PreMaster in the area of international human resources development

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