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Cup Filling Machine Delivery – An Insider Look

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What does it take to deliver a multi-ton cup, tray, and bottle filling machine from one country to another?

Collaboration from multiple teams at Ampack and Osgood Industries, both Syntegon companies, was fundamental in the successful transportation and installation of one of the newest active machines in the field.

The Ampack FCL made its maiden voyage from Germany to the United States on an Antonov Beluga (An-124) air cargo carrier, one of the world’s largest civil cargo aircraft’s, which specializes in the transportation of oversized heavy shipments. The aircraft’s pressurized cargo cabin, with its total volume of 1050 m³, guarantees unprecedented and safe transportation of our machines.

The shipment of the Ampack FCL with a cross-Atlantic flight makes this one of the most impressive sights for the delivery of one of Syntegon’s newest installed machines, weighing in around 60,000 lbs. The Antonov Baluga air cargo carrier has two loading entrances, one at the nose and one at the tail of the aircraft, both equipped with expanding loading ramps.

The FCL machine was build to support a new delicious dairy product that will be released in 2021.


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