Spare Parts and E-Portal

Your safest option – Syntegon original parts

Our tailor-made machines and line concepts are linked to a multitude of different spare parts. By using original parts from Syntegon, you will receive optimum performance and durability.

Online information and ordering

Comprehensive support for your spare parts management and machine maintenance is available on our E-Portal. In this comprehensive information and ordering platform you can find up-to-date information on products, prices, availability and delivery times 24/7.

For more detailed information about the E-Portal, please refer to our E-Portal brochure.

In our Additional Functionalities brochure you can learn more about the possibilities of this platform.

Syntegon employee checking the e-portal

Spare parts are just a click away

Experience all the benefits of our E-Portal:
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Syntegon E-Portal at a glance

  • Your Benefits
    • Tailored spare parts kits with original parts
    • Online quotation and ordering via our E-Portal
    • Online information and ordering 24/7
    • Transparency on costs and availability