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  • Product and pack style flexibility
    package carton grphic

    Product and pack style flexibility

    Various formats and products packaged on one machine

    Food, body care products, dishwasher tablets, pharmaceuticals and much more are packaged safely, quickly and reliably using the Sigpack TTM machines.

    The products can be packed into almost any typical carton style. Whether they are cartons closed on three sides, trays with a lid, open trays, cartons with dust flaps, RSC or HSC, all varieties can be processed on one machine.

  • Compact and open design
    packaging machine

    Compact and open design

    Minimal footprint, modular expandable with optimal accessibility and easy cleaning.

  • Innovative carton transport system
    packaging machine

    Innovative carton transport system

    100 per cent carton control, robust and reliable

    The variable tray system can be pre-set to offer optimum reliability and flexibility in the packaging process. Flexible batch sizes and pitches ensure enduring variability. The individual trays transport cartons of different formats safely, carefully and efficiently.

  • Patented format changeover concept
    Sigpack TTM

    Patented format changeover concept

    Simple, quick, tool-less

    Quick-lock interfaces and pre-set format rods ensure that format changes are all 100 per cent reproducible, allowing a three-dimensional carton changeover with vertical restart in less than five minutes. Due to its easy and tool-less changeover concept and light-weight change parts it is possible for just one operator to change over the machine.

  • Precise carton former
    packaging machine

    Precise carton former

    Gentle and safe

    The active transportation of the flat blank cuts and the careful forming of the carton at a moderate speed guarantees a safe and precise carton forming process, as well as a high carton performance. Controlled handling of the blank cuts enables the processing of material with a high proportion of recycled content.

  • Efficient Toploading
    packaging machine

    Efficient Toploading

    Flexible and gentle on the product

    Grippers that work by vacuum pick up products gently. The grippers then place goods reliably and precisely in the cartons at speeds of up to 1500 products per minute.

  • HMI
    specialist works on screen

    Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    Intuitive and convincing

    With its full-colour touchscreen, the HMI is simple to operate and easy to understand. All parameters are described in detail. A range of statistics can be called up to facilitate performance control. To ensure secure operation, a range of user levels have been set up.

    HMI 4.0

  • System integration

    Perfect system integration

    Whether you use the Sigpack TTM on its own, purchase it as part of a complete new system or integrate it into an existing production line, its compact footprint and extremely flexible layout support almost every production configuration.

    The highly flexible toploader enables not only the packaging of smaller to large batch sizes of products, it can also be easily enhanced, for example with optional packaging leaflet and labelling units.

Continuous improvement is central to the TTM platform. We strive towards new, innovative concepts and a constant increase in efficiency.

The entire TTM product portfolio is impressive with its high degree of flexibility for both, formats and pack styles, its utmost reliability and its high degree of process safety. These important qualities are based on the carefully designed platform. It consists of standardized modules, which can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Almost any product can be packaged reliably, carefully and efficiently using Sigpack TTM loader, cartoners and case packer.

Fast and error-free format changeovers are essential with our variety of products. The different products and pack styles had to be managed quickly and reliably.That’s why the Sigpack TTM1 was our first choice.

Dan Klock

Dan Klock
CEO of Bridgetown Natural Foods, U.S.A.

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Efficient and flexible – Patented format changeover concept with vertical restart – simple, quick, tools-less and reproducible from the first carton

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