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Robotic Solutions
Robotic Solutions

Robotic automation for food packaging systems

Automation in packaging is a fast growing trend. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many manufacturers started replacing manual work steps by fully automated solutions. This is where pick and place robots excel. They help food manufacturers to reach their production targets at high efficiency and quality levels.

Whether you are automating your product handling to feed a single machine or automating a complete line – our system competence makes the process easier for you.

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The Syntegon Robotic Pick & Place (RPP) platform


Key benefits

Automated packaging solutions
Benefit from our turnkey solutions. Syntegon has decades of experience with automated manufacturing processes in many industries.
Future-proof investments
The flexible building blocks of our Robotic Pick & Place (RPP) platform allow you to adapt your production step by step while you grow.
Flex to the max
Take advantage of the Syntegon RPP platform's full product and pack style flexibility.
Efficient operation
Maximize performance per m2 production floor space by flexible integration of additional pick and place robots.
Safeguard quality
Ensure high food safety with built-in quality control, gentle handling and safe operation.

Syntegon RPP: New Robotic Pick & Place Platform

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RPP: Reduce complexity to the max

The Syntegon RPP platform offers outstanding modular scalability with a compact footprint. Its reliable performance reduces downtime, provides high product quality, and enables you to react quickly to changing market requirements. The combination of high OEE, cutting-edge technology, and a compact footprint provides maximum output per m2.

Smart interfaces increase performance with additional robotic capacity. A basic RPP configuration consists of two delta robots with a performance of up to 120 picks per robot per minute. The modular design and layout flexibility enable you to scale up step by step to grow your production operations.


Use case scenario

Robotic system solutions

At Syntegon, we understand your requirements. Our complete system solutions are built on decades of experience in various industries. For example, we realized this complex system for a large cookie manufacturer.

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Why choose a Syntegon robotic solution?


About us

Flexibility was key when developing the Robotic Pick & Place (RPP) platform. Instead of just integrating robots, we took a more holistic approach and brought in all of our industry and application expertise. Syntegon offers you complete system solutions that perfectly fit your project – all from a single supplier.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Christian Korte, Vice President Sales Food

Combined with our innovative distribution and depositing systems, the RPP platform is the most versatile packaging solution for random product streams and packaging configurations – catering to a growing need for more flexibility and efficiency in future manufacturing.


Andreas Schildknecht, Product Manager Robotics

The RPP platform is our answer to today's automated packaging needs. It combines Syntegon's wide industry know-how with robotics expertise. RPP offers just the right scale, performance, and flexibility our customers need to build as they grow.


Emiliano Villanova, Project Manager RPP

The Syntegon RPP platform features a completely modular design. It can be configured according to customer needs and enables a large range of pick and place applications. Delta robots and other modules can be seamlessly integrated into an overall system, allowing our customers to automate single process steps consecutively.

Download the RPP brochure and data sheet

RPP Brochure
RPP Brochure

RPP Data Sheet
RPP Data Sheet

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