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Your Cup Filling Machine and the Consumer Journey

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Packaging of all shapes and sizes surrounds all of us on a daily basis. Historically, packaging has always influenced how people feel about food in a container.

From the early hours of the morning when you sit at your breakfast table, to a mid-night snack you snag from your pantry. From the nutritionally dense food you serve your beloved pets, to the drive-through coffee and snack you get on your way to soccer practice. From the deli fresh salad you picked up on your way to work, to the brown bagged school lunch you made for your children.

Containers have been around in some way, shape, or form as early as the nomadic time period when humans started settling down to farm the land.

Historically, packaging has always influenced how people feel about food in a container. Depending on consumer response to the food container itself, this can make or break the perceived value to the customer. This a critical time in the customers decision making process if that item will make it into their shopping cart.

There are a lot of intrinsic elements that float to the surface for the customer, and there is a large emotional journey occurring in a matter of seconds (i.e. do they like how it looks, does it draw from good memories, do they love that particular food, etc.). Often times, food manufacturing companies use data science to understand future trends and consumption patterns when creating an innovative product that drives consumer purchasing decisions. Aesthetics and food safety play a large part in that split second decision that influences a consumers attraction and connection to a brand.

A little packaging history:

  • In the 2nd Century BC, paper packaging got its start in China with thin paper covering various types of food.
  • In 1856, cardboard was invented to protect glass bottles and lanterns.
  • In the 1900’s, shipping cartons of faced corrugated paperboard began to replace self-made wooden crates and boxes used for trade
  • In 1967, Osgood’s Founders patented the tapered stacking container, which lead to many container designs that are seen in today’s grocery and shopping stores all around the world.

A little story:

Years ago, a sour cream manufacturer was having trouble with their container lids. Their containers would be applied crooked with the old methods they were using. When it was placed on the shelf in a grocery store, consumers would not be interested in purchasing it because it appeared to be tampered with. However, nothing was wrong with the product itself. It just didn’t look right, therefore, it was unattractive and presumed unsafe to the consumer. This company learned that the quality in which a product is packaged played a vital part in the success of a product being purchased.

They knew something had to change.

The turning point:

The element of packaging quality and hygienic standards became insurmountable to that customer. That’s when they reached out to a Syntegon sales representative to explore a safer, more reliable packaging machine to pump, seal, and cap their dairy and food products.

Once their custom-made Osgood packaging machine was built, they were able to take their product to the next level with accuracy, consistency, and the highest industry hygienic standards. Their newly installed Osgood packaging machine gave them the ability to garner new customer awareness because of the quality that resonated with consumers and drew in consistent sales.

Delivering an Osgood packaging machine that helps a food manufacturing brand maintain its resilience with consumers for decades to come is what drives our engineers, sales teams, mechanics, and assembly personnel.

Here at Syntegon, we want your brand to succeed. Packaging matters.

With over 40+ years of experience in the dairy and food machine manufacturing industry, we understand your needs and want to connect with you to change your story. Let us be part of your journey from yesterday to today. We are committed to your success.

If you’d like to connect with an Osgood Sales Manager to talk through your pain points, scroll down to the contact information and give us a call or send us an email.

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