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Filling Dairy Free and Plant Based Yogurt Alternatives

There is an estimated 40 million people in the US who are either lactose-intolerant or lactose-sensitive, according to recent data released in the April 2021 issue of Dairy Processing. That’s 12% of the US population. With this growing number is a thriving culture of delicious dairy free and plant based alternatives that are skyrocketing in consumer interest.

Many of these items, such as dairy free yogurts and plant based yogurts, are pumped, sealed, capped, and packaged on Osgood filling machines from Syntegon, nationwide.

The Osgood S-series filling machine is ideal for dairy free and plant based yogurt alternatives to be filled into pre-made cups or containers without machine stoppages, minimal product waste, and CIP to ensure that your products being filled do not cross contaminate during the filling process. For brands that take their product claims seriously, the hygienic design of this 3-A certified filling machine will ensure your products meet your customer health requirements and superior product expectations that they have come to loyally rely on.


Filling Dairy Free and Plant Based Yogurt Alternatives in Pre-Made Cups

How Does Osgood S-Series Inline Filling Machine Work?

  1. Firstly, the cups are descended from a container holder and moved along in stainless steel carrier plates. One of the most amazing things about this stainless steel material is that it is the most hygienic metal as it refuses a home for viruses, pathogens, or bacteria to develop. All of our machines are 3-A certified, which means they meet the highest hygienic standards.
  2. Once the cups are denested, they then advance on carrier plates. The cups are carried to the sterilized chamber where they are met with UVC or Pulsed Lights. This sterilization process takes place before the dairy free, or plant based yogurts touch the cups. The reason behind this sterilization process is to keep the yogurt shelf life exceptionally high and to protect the product from degradation before it is filled and sealed. Therefore, the UVC or Pulsed Light exposure kills any micro bacteria and renders the cups safe. The cups also pass through a vacuum to ensure any loose particles are sucked out of the container before they are filled.
  3. After the sterilization process, the cups move along towards a large tank pump that houses your dairy free or plant based yogurt. This is the filling stage, where a large tank pump fills the cups or pre-made containers with the perfectly proportioned amount of dairy free or plant based yogurt. Additionally, a topping station can be added after the product is filled from the tank pump, allowing you to have options for filling different products.
  4. One of the unique benefits of this machine is that it can prevent spillage and product waste with an advanced technology that uses active vibration damping for liquid foods. How does it work? The proprietary technology called “Anti-Slosh” is used to create a precise motion that is built into the design of the machine which limits product slosh, reduces spillage and greatly diminishes product overfilling which in turn increases a brands profits by cancelling the slosh potential.
  5. Once the containers are filled with the dairy free and plant based product, they are then moved along to the sealing station. Smaller to medium sized containers are usually sealed with foils but there are film and snap on lidding options for larger containers. These foils are hygienically treated with another UVC light before they are sealed on to the container. This sterilization ensures that there is no bacteria on the foils. This machine hygienically protects the food at all points of packaging to protect your product.
  6. Once all the cups or containers are sealed, the containers are then processed through a seal integrity check station to ensure that all foils were precisely attached to the cup.
  7. Lastly, the cups or containers smoothly exit the filling machine onto a conveyor belt. The containers are quickly packaged into boxes or crates and loaded into refrigerated trucks that transport them to their final distribution destination that reaches the consumer.

Osgood S-series Filling Machine for Dairy Free and Plant Based Yogurt Alternatives

Why Should You Trust Syntegon Filling Machines?

We bring over four decades of industry experience, with our machines offering highly professional and expert performance at your fingertips. Yogurt consistency products, be it dairy free or plant based alternatives, is one of the most popular products on the market today. And we are no strangers to building a custom machine that elevates your brand to keep up with your ever-growing consumer demands as these health trends grow with product advancement and healthy lifestyle choices.

We believe that the most important thing is to offer unparalleled hygiene, enduring quality, and exceptional customer service at every stage of your Syntegon machine ownership. Let’s plan your next custom-made dairy free or plant based yogurt alternative filling machine today. Email us at to learn more.

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