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Packaging solution for popular Indian sweet Peda

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No celebration is complete without sweets! Therefore, it is critical for food manufacturers to package their products in a hygienic way that preserves the quality of the product for when it reaches the consumer. Without further ado, Syntegon presents a packaging solution for Peda (Indian sweet)!

Syntegon’s solution for the Peda application includes an inline feeder and chicane system that distributes and conveys product into the infeed chain of the Pack 201 HS, a mid-speed horizontal flow wrapper. With automated feeding and speed up to 300 products per minute, this solution provides hygienic and efficient packaging for Peda.

The main features of the Pack 201 HS machine used for this application are as follows:

  • Flexibility (adjusting as per different sizes of the product) and fast changeovers.
  • High sanitation level (arrangements for crumb collection and inclined design to prevent crumbs from accumulating on the machine) for easy cleaning.
  • Gas flushing system helps to increase the shelf life of a product. Nitrogen is inserted into the package as its being formed, and flushes out the oxygen.

Gas flushing tubes (left) and controls (right)

So, if you are looking for an efficient, reliable and hygienic packaging solution for Peda then contact Syntegon Technology. We ensure prompt sales and service support for all of your packaging needs. Happy packaging!

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