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Isolator Technology & Barrier Systems

Pharma isolator & barrier systems


“All from 1 source”

Aseptic filling is all about product safety – and thus the separation of operators and pharmaceutical ingredients. Isolator technology helps to build this crucial barrier. However, isolators must be integrated properly into existing lines to reveal their full potential.

With over 40 years of US-based and 25 years of Europe-based experience in the design and manufacture of barrier systems, Syntegon has established a comprehensive portfolio, including open RABS, closed RABS, containment and isolator systems. All solutions are tailored to customer requirements, from machine design and development to on-site installation and validation.

Key benefits

Integrated systems
Filling machines, barrier technologies and peripheral equipment are seamlessly connected.
Safe aseptic filling
Maximum security trough monitored gloves, transfer ports and material locks.
Full lifecycle support
Syntegon’s expertise covers consulting, isolator design, installation and validation.

Features of our isolator technology & barrier systems

Our barrier systems include open RABS, closed RABS, isolators, and containment systems. They all offer you maximum flexibility for a broad range of applications, protecting products and personnel in the best possible way. While our RABS enhance the quality of everyday multi-product manufacturing in existing cleanrooms, our isolators further boost the safety of filling lines for high potent medications. 


  • Safe filling of aspectic, BSL and highly potent products
  • Qualification and validation support including cycle development
  • Intensive research for RABS, isolator and related barrier technologies

Use case scenarios

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Service Agreements
Service Agreements

We support you throughout the entire machine life cycle, from spare parts management to digital line optimization. Service Agreements are a key element of our portfolio structure. Together, we tailor our solutions to your individual needs. Our global network of experts supports you with maintenance planning, technical support as well as operator training and end of life services. With our digital solutions, you gain control over your production processes and create transparency on product and machine data anytime, anywhere.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Why choose a Syntegon isolator / barrier system?


Isolator experts before it was fashion

Long-standing experience: We have been designing, developing and manufacturing reliable isolators for decades. Syntegon is your partner, offering valuable support across the entire lifecycle of your barrier system project. 

Seamless systems: We integrate isolators, filling machines, decontamination equipment and HVAC technology to secure highly efficient, safe processes for your aseptic processing requirements.

Process efficiency: Syntegon isolators can be used in a wide variety of settings, thanks to their highly flexible set-ups. Your benefits: high product availability, improved filling quality and reduced operating costs.

Keep human intervention to the minimum – this is the mantra in pharmaceutical production. We know exactly how to combine good operator experience with the highest safety standards. Our industry-proven barrier systems and isolator technology from a single source allow to achieve the desired separation of production and personnel in the most varied manufacturing scenarios.

years of experience 
patents and patent applications 
machines installed world-wide 

Our experts behind the scenes

“An isolator is the most consistent answer for the most stringent quality requirements in parenteral filling. Mechanics, electrics and software must all be tuned perfectly to achieve the process performance for which Syntegon isolators are known today. The expectations of our customers motivates us to deliver maximum performance!”

Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel – Head of advanced development packaging technology and chief pharma expert


Our experts behind the scenes

“For the past 20-plus years and counting, I have associated Syntegon isolators with highest process reliability, the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements, and ultimately – the lives of millions of patients impacted worldwide.”

Mathias Kreher – Sales


Our experts behind the scenes

 “With Syntegon isolators I associate short and efficient cycle times for biodecontamination.”

Annika Klenk – Project manager cycle  development/validation


Our experts behind the scenes

“Working with Syntegon isolators and their cycle development requires close coordination with our customers. The interesting discussions that result from this are very valuable because they further develop us as well as our customers.”

Carmen Riedt – Group leader and responsible for qualification 



Our experts behind the scenes

“With Syntegon isolators, I associate a great collaboration, internally as well as with many different teams from our customers.”

Michael Meyer – Team leader cycle development/validationand process development 


Isolator Systems
Isolator Systems

Safety and performance from one source.

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